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Searching Flows

You can search, monitor, and investigate flow data in real time. You can also run advanced searches to filter the displayed flows. View flow information to determine how and what network traffic is communicated.

To search flows:

  1. Click the Network Activity tab.
  2. On the toolbar, click Search >New Search.
  3. In the Time Range pane, define the flow search time range:
    1. Click Recent.

    2. In the Recent list, select Last 30 Minutes.

  4. In the Search Parameters pane, define your search criteria.
    1. In the first list, select Flow Direction.

    2. In the second list, select Equals.

    3. In the third list, select R2L.

    4. Click Add Filter.

  5. In the Display list in the Column Definition pane, select Application.
  6. Click Search.

All flows with a flow direction of remote to local (R2L) in the last 30 minutes are displayed, grouped, and sorted by the Application field.