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Creating a Dashboard Item

You can create a dashboard item by using saved flow search criteria.

To create a dashboard item:

  1. On the Network Activity toolbar, select Quick Searches >Example Search 2.
  2. Verify that your search is included in the Dashboard:
    1. Click the Dashboard tab.

    2. In the Show Dashboard list, select Example Custom Dashboard.

    3. In the Add Item list, select Flow Searches >Example Search 2.

  3. Configure your dashboard chart:
    1. Click the Settings icon.

    2. Using the configuration options, change the value that is graphed, how many objects are displayed, the chart type, or the time range that is displayed in the chart.

  4. To investigate flows that are currently displayed in the chart, click View in Network Activity.

The Network Activity page displays results that match the parameters of your time series chart. For more information on time series charts, see JSA User Guide.