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Saving the CTPView Configuration Settings and Data (CTPView Server Menu)

This topic describes how to save the current configuration settings and data for the CTPView software. Although you can perform this task at any time, it is typically performed before you upgrade the CTPView server OS and the CTPView software.

You can use the backup utility in the CTPView server menu to save the information into an archive (.tgz) file and, if desired, move the archive to an external storage device. If you do not use the utility to move the archive, you can later copy or move it manually from outside the CTPView server menu.


If you do not move the archive file to an external storage device, you are not protected from loss of the backed-up data. If you are upgrading the software, you must move the file to an appropriate location.

Alternatively, when you have more than one CTPView server, you can use the CTPView software GUI to synchronize the server with another server to save the settings and data. See Synchronizing Multiple CTPView Servers (CTPView) for the synchronization procedure.


We recommend that you use the CTPView server backup utility to save your current information.

Before you use the CTPView server backup utility:

  • Confirm that the external storage device is running a UNIX-like operating system and is enabled for SSH connections.


    Although the external storage device can use any operating system, the CTPView backup utility can automatically transfer the backup file only to a device that is running a UNIX-like operating system. If the device is running a different kind of OS, you must transfer the backup file with a copy utility that is compatible with that OS.

  • Confirm that a network path exists between the CTPView server and the external storage device used for storing the backup file.

  • Confirm that the hard drive on the CTPView server that you are backing up has at least 25 percent free space. If you attempt to run the backup utility when less than 25 percent free space is available, the utility prompts you to delete more old data files before you continue. See Creating More Disk Space on the CTPView Server (CTPView).

  • Log in to the CTPView server and access the CTPView Configuration Menu. See Accessing the CTPView Server Configuration Menu (CTPView Server Menu).

To back up your current information with the CTPView server backup utility:

  1. From the CTPView Configuration Menu, select 5) Backup Functions.

    The Backup Functions Menu is displayed.

  2. Select 1) Save Current Settings and Data.

    If an archive file already exists in the /var/www/html/acorn/data directory on the server, the utility prompts you to delete or move the archive.

  3. (Optional) From outside the menu (for example, in another terminal window), manually move the old archive to an external storage device if you want to save the information.
  4. Enter y to delete the old archive.

    The utility deletes the old archive file and creates the new archive file.

  5. Enter y to move the new archive to an external location.
  6. Follow the prompts to enter the IP address, username, and absolute path to the external device.