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Installing or Upgrading the CTPView Server OS

This topic provides an overview of installing and upgrading the operating system (OS) for the CTPView server.

Before you begin, do all of the following:

  • Verify that this is the procedure you wish to use to update the software on the CTPView server. See Updating the CTPView Server Operating System and CTPView Network Management System Software.

  • Ensure that you have a monitor and keyboard connected to the CTPView server. You must also have an external storage device connected to the server in order to save the current data and settings for CTPView.

  • Ensure that the server is connected to the network.

  • If your server is currently running FC1, you must be running CTPView 2.1R2 or 2.1R3 in order to back up your existing data and configuration settings before upgrading the OS version. See Upgrading Only the CTPView Software for information on upgrading the CTPView software before you perform the tasks in this topic.


    If your server is running FC1, we recommend that you upgrade to a more recent model server.

Perform the following tasks

  1. Save the current configuration settings and data to an external storage device.
  2. Install or upgrade the CTPView server OS.
  3. Restore the configuration settings and data.
  4. Review the installation log for errors.
  5. Configure CTPView administrative settings to complete server setup and ensure that security settings are correct.
  6. Verify that the server OS was successfully installed or upgraded.
  7. Validate the server configuration.