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Configure and Monitor Application Quality of Experience

Application Quality of Experience (AppQoE) improves the user experience by constantly monitoring the class of service (CoS) parameters and service-level agreement (SLA) compliance of the available WAN links, ensuring that the application data is sent over the most SLA-compliant link. For more information, see Application Quality of Experience Overview.


Ensure that Service Provider (SP) administrator has enabled the required traffic type profiles.

As a tenant administrator user, to configure and monitor AppQoE in Customer Portal:

  1. Add an SLA-based steering profile or a path-based steering profile and associate a traffic type profile with the added steering profile. For more information, see Adding SLA-Based Steering Profiles or Adding Path-Based Steering Profiles.
  2. Add an SD-WAN policy intent that references to the steering profile you added previously. For more information, see Creating SD-WAN Policy Intents.


    Before you deploy an SD-WAN policy, ensure that you have added one or more SD-WAN sites. For more information, see About the Site Management Page.

  3. Deploy the SD-WAN policy on one or more SD-WAN sites to enable AppQoE. For more information, see Deploying Policies.
  4. View the SLA performance details of all the sites in a tenant on the Application SLA Performance page (Monitor > Application SLA Performance). For more information, see About the SLA Performance of a Single Tenant Page.