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About the SD-WAN Policy Page

To access this page, select Configuration > SD-WAN > SD-WAN Policy in the Customer Portal.

SD-WAN policy intents help in optimum utilization of the WAN links and efficient load distribution of traffic. SD-WAN policy intents are applied to source endpoints (such as sites and departments) and destination endpoints (applications or application groups) and can be defined for site-to-site traffic (by using SLA profiles) or for breakout traffic (by using breakout profiles).


When packets match more than one policy intents, CSO prefers the policy with more specific intent rules over the policy with broader intent rules to help steer traffic. For example, consider that you have one policy with the application WIKIPEDIA and another with the application HTTPS deployed. In this case, any traffic destined to takes the path defined for the policy with the application WIKIPEDIA as it is a more specific parameter.

You can use the SD-WAN Policy page to view, create, edit, and deploy SD-WAN policy intents. SD-WAN policy intents use SLA profiles for traffic management. SD-WAN policies help in optimum utilization of the WAN links and efficient distribution of traffic. Every tenant has an SD-WAN policy and intents are created in the SD-WAN policy.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • View existing SD-WAN policy intents. CSO provides pre-defined SD-WAN policy intents for the tenants. See Table 2.


    The pre-defined SD-WAN policy intents are available for the tenants only if the SP administrator has the downloaded the signature database prior to creating the tenants.

  • Create SD-WAN policy intents. See Creating SD-WAN Policy Intents.

  • Edit or delete SD-WAN policy intents. See Editing and Deleting SD-WAN Policy Intents.

  • Deploy SD-WAN policy intents. See Deploying Policies.

  • View the number of undeployed SD-WAN policy intents.

  • Search for SD-WAN policy intents using keywords. Click the search icon. Enter partial text or full text of the keyword in the search bar and press Enter. The search results are displayed.

Field Descriptions

Table 1 describes the fields on the SD-WAN Policy page.

Table 1: Fields on the SD-WAN Policy Page




Displays the name of the SD-WAN policy intent.


Displays the source endpoints that are configured for the policy intents. A source endpoint is chosen from sites, site groups, and departments or a combination of all of these to which the policy intent is applied.


Displays the application destination endpoints that are configured for the policy intents. An application destination endpoint is chosen from a list of applications and predefined or custom application groups to which the policy intent is applied.

Traffic Steering Profile

Displays the breakout profile or the SLA profile associated with the policy intent.

Table 2: Pre-defined SD-WAN Policies

SD-WAN Policy Name

Applicable Sites


Traffic Steering Profile


All Sites




All Sites




All Sites




All Sites




All Sites