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View Node Profile Information

You can view basic device information, vendor information, vendor hardware information, supported routing bridging roles, supported physical roles, assigned devices, and node permission information of a node on the Node Profiles page of the Contrail Command UI.

Follow these steps to view node profiles:

  1. Click Infrastructure>Fabrics>Node Profiles.

    The Node Profiles page is displayed. See Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Node ProfilesNode Profiles
  2. Select the node profile you want to view by clicking the arrow next to the node profile name.

    The supported node profiles are juniper-mx, juniper-qfx10k, juniper-qfx10k-lean, juniper-qfx5k, juniper-qfx5k-lean, juniper-qfx5k-erb-only, juniper-qfx5120 and juniper-srx.

    For more information on supported hardware platforms, associated node profiles and roles, see Contrail Networking Supported Hardware Platforms and Associated Roles And Node Profiles.

    The details and permissions of the node profile are displayed.

By default, all preloaded node profiles are available for devices in a fabric.