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Access Layer Switches

ESI support at the access layer is supported as a technology preview in Apstra version 4.1.0 and as GA in Apstra version 4.1.1. Before 4.1.0, you couldn't dual-home generic systems (servers) to access switches. If you wanted to dual-home a generic system, it had to be up to the leaf layer. In Apstra version 4.1.0, we extend the concept of switch pairs to the access layer. We're leveraging EVPN at the access layer to enable ESI-LAG towards the generic system while keeping the L2 only nature of the access switch role.

Supported/Unsupported Topologies for ESI Access:

  • Each member of an access switch pair dual-attached to the leaf pair is supported.
  • Each member of an access switch pair single-attached to the leaf pair is supported.
  • One member of an access switch pair dual-attached to the leaf pair and the other member of an access switch pair single-attached to the leaf pair is not supported.

This is supported on 3-Stage, 5-Stage, and collapsed fabric blueprints. Day2 topology changes are available through Add/Edit/Remove Racks.

Requirements for the switch model acting as Access Switch are:

  • EVPN-VxLAN with VTEP support is required on the Access Switches.
  • L2 VxLAN only is required, L3 VxLAN (RIOT) is not required, and will continue to be available only at the leaf layer.
When creating and managing access switches, follow the general workflow for building a network while taking into account the following options and design considerations.
  1. When creating logical devices, on leaf switches facing an access switch, select the port role access, and configure ports in the access switch logical device.
  2. Create an interface map per standard procedure.
  3. Create a rack type with configured access switches.
  4. Create a template that uses rack types with access switches.
  5. Access switch configlets are not supported. If you require configlets in access switches, contact Juniper Support.
  6. Create a blueprint and build it following the general workflow.

    You can perform the same tasks as for other blueprints.

Access Layer ESI Support on Apstra Version 4.1.0


This feature has been classified as a Juniper Apstra Technology Preview feature. These features are "as is" and voluntary use. Juniper Support will attempt to resolve any issues that customers experience when using these features and create bug reports on behalf of support cases. However, Juniper may not provide comprehensive support services to Tech Preview features.

For additional information, refer to the Juniper Apstra Technology Previews page or contact Juniper Support.