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Installing a MX2020 Router Using a Pallet Jack Overview

Because of the MX2020 router’s size and weight—1,515 lb (687.19 kg) depending on the configuration—we strongly recommend that you install the router using a pallet jack with pallet jack attachment.


Juniper Networks offers a router transport kit to install the router (see Installing the MX2020 Router Using a Router Transport Kit).

  1. Verify that the mounting hardware has been installed.

    See: Installing the MX2020 Mounting Hardware for a Four-Post Rack or Cabinet

  2. Remove the router from the shipping crate:

    See: Overview of Unpacking the MX2020 Router

  3. Gather the tools required to install the router.

    See: Tools Required to Install the MX2020 Router Using a Pallet Jack

  4. Remove the components.

    See: Removing Components from the MX2020 Router Chassis Before Installing it in a Rack

  5. Install the MX2020 using the pallet jack attachment.

    See: Installing the MX2020 Router Using a Pallet Jack with Attachment

  6. Reinstall the components.

    See: Reinstalling Components in the MX2020 Router After Installing in a Rack