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MX2020 Cabinet Size and Clearance Requirements

The minimum size cabinet that can accommodate the router is 23.62 in. (600 mm) wide, and 39.37 in. (1000 mm) deep. A cabinet larger than the minimum requirement provides better airflow and reduces the chance of overheating. To accommodate a single router, the cabinet must be at least 45 U high that has a clearance of 35.72 in (90.7 cm) to accommodate the standard cable managers or 37.46 in (95.1 cm) to accommodate the extended cable managers. .

The minimum front and rear clearance requirements depend on the mounting configuration you choose. The minimum total clearance inside the cabinet is 36.20 in. (91.95 cm) between the inside of the front door and the inside of the rear door.


If you are installing the MX2020 router into a network cabinet, make sure that no hardware, device, rack, or cabinet component obstructs the 45-U rack space from access during installation.