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MX2000-SFB-S Switch Fabric Board Description

MX2000-SFB-S switch fabric boards (SFB) create a highly scalable and resilient “all-active” centralized switch fabric that delivers up to 860 Gbps per slot of full-duplex switching capacity to each Modular Port Concentrator (MPC) in an MX2000 series router. Each SFB hosts one switch fabric plane made of two fabric chipsets. You can install up to eight SFB2s in an MX2000 series router. Only seven SFB2s are required for line rate operation

Note that you can’t mix switch fabric board models (SFB, SFB2, SFB3) in a single MX2000 series router chassis. If you upgrade from one model to another, the MX2000 series router will support both models at the same time but only for the duration of the upgrade.

Figure 1 shows the MX2000 Switch Fabric Board (SFB).

Figure 1: MX2000-SFB-S Switch Fabric BoardMX2000-SFB-S Switch Fabric Board

Name in CLI

Switch Fabric Board

Features and Components

The MX2000-SFB-S provides:

  • I2C bus logic interface for managing component managements and monitoring temperature and voltage

  • PCIe control of three XF ASICs

  • Switching functions for MPCs

  • Throughput of 6Tbps, with a minimum of 7 SFBs installed. An additional SFB is recommended for N+1 redundancy.

Switch Fabric Board Slots

You can install up to eight SFBs in an MX2000 router. The SFBs install vertically into the front of the router chassis in the slots labeled 0 through 7.

Slot 0 must always have a functioning SFB. If the SFB in slot 0 fails, replace it with a functioning SFB from another slot, and then install a blank panel in the other slot. If slots 1 through 7 are empty, install a blank panel in them. You cannot install a blank panel in slot 0.


If an SFB fails, don’t remove it until you have a replacement SFB or blank panel ready to install.

Switch Fabric Board Redundancy

For line rate operation, the MX2000 series router must have at least seven SFBs installed. Although MX2000 routers can operate with fewer than seven SFBs, packet forwarding performance is impacted.

Weight and Dimensions

  • Weight: 12 lb (5.44 kg)

  • Width: 1.7 in. (4.31 cm)

  • Depth: 23.6 in. (59.94 cm). With ejector handle: 26.14 in. (66.39 cm)

  • Height: 16.225 in. (41.21 cm)

Maximum Power Requirements (without MICs)


  • Typical: 250 W

  • At different temperatures:

    295 W at 55° C

    280 W at 40° C

    270 W at 25° C


  • Typical: 220 W

  • At different temperatures:

    265 W at 55° C

    250 W at 40° C

    240 W at 25° C


See MX2000 Switch Fabric Board LED.


During an upgrade from SFB to SFB2, MX2000 series routers support both SFB and SFB2 at the same time for the duration of the upgrade.

Interoperabilitly with MPC Line Cards

The MX2000-SFB-S interoperates with these MPCs:

  • MPC2E

  • MPC2E NG (with ethernet MICs only)

  • MPC3E

  • MPC3E NG (with ethernet MICs only)

  • MPC4E

  • MPC5E

  • MPC6E

  • MPC7E

  • MPC8E

  • MPC9E

  • MS-MPC