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MX2000 Switch Fabric Board LED


One bicolor LED on the SFB indicate the status of the SFB. The LED, labeled OK/FAIL, is located directly on the SFB. Table 1 describes the functions of the SFB LED.

Table 1: Switch Fabric Board LED







Slow blinking when being initialized.

Fast blinking when SFB is being identified by software.

Note: This is used to guide the operator to correct any action needed on the SFB.

SFB is online.


On steadily

SFB has failed.


SFB is offline.

Each SFB also has a set of bicolor LED on the craft interface that indicate its status. The SFB LED, labeled 0 through 7, are located along the bottom center of the craft interface. For more information about the SFB LED on the craft interface, see MX2020 Component LEDs on the Craft Interface.