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Unpack and Mount an ACX7024 or ACX7024X Router

Unpack an ACX7024 or ACX7024X Router

The ACX7024 and ACX7024X router chassis is a rigid sheet-metal structure that houses the hardware components. We ship the ACX7024 and ACX7024X router in a cardboard carton, secured with foam packing material. The carton also contains an accessory box and quick start instructions.


The shipping carton maximally protects the ACX7024 and ACX7024X routers. Do not unpack the router until you are ready to begin installation.

To unpack an ACX7024 or ACX7024X router:

  1. Move the shipping carton to a staging area as close to the installation site as possible, where you have enough room to remove the system components.
  2. Position the carton so that the arrows are pointing up.
  3. Open the top flaps on the shipping carton.
  4. Remove the accessory box, and verify the contents against the inventory included in the box.
  5. Pull out the packing material that holds the router in place.
  6. Verify the chassis components that you received.
  7. Save the shipping carton and packing materials in case you need to move or ship the router later.
Table 1: ACX7024 and ACX7024X Router Parts List



Chassis with six system fans and preinstalled PSMs


Two-post rack mounting brackets that are preinstalled on the router


Documentation roadmap card


#10-32 grounding screws to secure the grounding lug


LCD6 2-hole grounding lug



We no longer include the RJ-45 console cable with the DB-9 adapter as part of the device package. If the console cable and adapter are not included in your device package, or if you need a different type of adapter, you can order the following separately:

  • RJ-45 to DB-9 adapter (JNP-CBL-RJ45-DB9)

  • RJ-45 to DB-9 adapter (JNP-CBL-RJ45-DB9)

  • RJ-45 to USB-C adapter (JNP-CBL-RJ45-USBC)

If you want to use RJ-45 to USB-A or RJ-45 to USB-C adapter you must have X64 (64-Bit) Virtual COM port (VCP) driver installed on your PC. See, to download the driver.

Register Products—Mandatory to Validate SLAs

Register all new Juniper Networks hardware products and changes to an existing installed product using the Juniper Networks website. Registering products and changes to products activates your hardware replacement service-level agreements (SLAs).


Register product serial numbers on the Juniper Networks website. Update the installation base data if any installation base data is added or changed or if the installation base is moved. Juniper Networks will not be held accountable for customers not meeting the hardware replacement service-level agreement (SLA) for products that do not have registered serial numbers or accurate installation base data.

Register your product or products at

Update your installation base at

Mount an ACX7024 or ACX7024X in a Rack

Install an ACX7024 or ACX7024X Router in a Rack

To install the router in a two-post rack:

  1. Wrap and fasten one end of the ESD grounding strap around your bare wrist, and connect the other end of the strap to a site ESD point.
  2. Position the router in front of the rack.
    The mounting brackets are preinstalled on the ACX7024 and ACX7024X routers.
  3. Lift the router and position it in the rack. Line up the bottom hole in each mounting bracket with a hole in each rack rail, making sure the router is level.
  4. Secure the chassis to the rack using the rack mount screws (not provided). Tighten the screws at the bottom first, then tighten the screws at the top.
  5. Check to see that the mounting screws on each side of the rack are aligned and the router is level.