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About This Guide

This guide contains information you need to install and configure the SRX 5800 services gateway quickly. For complete installation instructions, see the SRX 5800 Services Gateway Hardware Guide at https://www.juniper.net/techpubs/.

Warning: This guide contains a summary of safety warnings in Safety Warnings. For a complete list of warnings for this device, including translations, see the SRX 5800 Services Gateway Hardware Guide at https://www.juniper.net/techpubs/.

The SRX 5800 services gateway is a high-performance, highly-scalable, carrier-class security device with multi-processor architecture. The services gateway has a capacity of up to 120 gigabits per second (Gbps), full duplex. The device is 16 rack units (RU) tall. Three devices can be stacked in a single floor-to-ceiling rack, for increased port density per unit of floor space. The device provides 14 slots that can be populated with up to 12 Services Processing Cards (SPCs) and I/O cards(IOCs) and two Switch Control Boards (SCBs) in nonredundant fabric configurations.

By installing different combinations of IOCs and SPCs, you can tailor both the number of Gigabit ports and the maximum security processing capacity to suit your network. Table 1 describes the minimum system configuration for the SRX 5800.

Table 1: Minimum System Configuraton









Routing Engine


Fully populated, the device provides up to 440 Gigabit Ethernet or up to 44 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports. Two types of IOC interface cards are available, each of which consists of four Packet Forwarding Engines and enables a throughput of 10 Gbps. You can install any combination of IOC types in the services gateway.

The SRX 5800 provides redundancy and resiliency. The hardware system is fully redundant, including power supplies and SCBs.

The services gateway is shipped in a cardboard box strapped securely to a wooden pallet. Plastic straps secure the top and bottom in place. The device chassis is bolted to this pallet. Quick start installation instructions and a cardboard accessory box are also included in the shipping container.

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