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Unpacking the Services Gateway

The services gateway is shipped in a wooden crate. A wooden pallet forms the base of the crate. The device chassis is bolted to this pallet. A Getting Started Guide and a cardboard accessory box are also included in the shipping crate.

The shipping container measures 33.5 in. (85.1 cm) high, 28 in. (71.1 cm) wide, and 26 in. (66.0 cm) deep. The total weight of the container containing the device and accessories can range from 153 lb (70 kg) to 351 lb (159.2 kg).

Note: The device is maximally protected inside the shipping crate. Do not unpack it until you are ready to begin installation.

To unpack the device, follow these steps (see Figure 25):

  1. Move the shipping crate to a staging area as close to the installation site as possible, where you have enough room to remove the components from the chassis. While the chassis is bolted to the pallet, you can use a forklift or pallet jack to move it.
  2. Position the shipping crate with the arrows pointing up.
  3. Open all the latches on the shipping crate.
  4. Remove the front door of the shipping crate cover and set it aside.
  5. Slide the remainder of the shipping crate cover off the pallet.
  6. Remove the foam covering the top of the device.
  7. Remove the accessory box and the Getting Started Guide.
  8. Verify the parts received against the lists in Table 23 and Table 24.
  9. Remove the vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packs attached to the pallet, being careful not to break the VCI packs open.
  10. To remove the brackets holding the chassis on the pallet, use a 1/2-in. socket wrench and a number 2 Phillips screwdriver to remove the bolts and screws from the brackets.
  11. Store the brackets and bolts inside the accessory box.
  12. Save the shipping crate cover, pallet, and packing materials in case you need to move or ship the device at a later time.
  13. To proceed with the installation, see Installing the Services Gateway Using a Lift or Installing the Services Gateway Without a Mechanical Lift.

    Figure 25: Contents of the Shipping Crate

    Image g030209.gif

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