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Services Processing Cards

Services Processing Cards (SPCs) provide the processing power to run integrated services such as firewall, IPsec and IDP (see Figure 1). All traffic traversing the services gateway is passed to an SPC to have services processing applied to it. Traffic is intelligently distributed by SPCs to SPCs for service processing. Each SPC is comprised of two or more Services Processing Units (SPUs).

The services gateway must have at least one SPC installed. You can install additional SPCs to increase services processing throughput.

The services gateway has a total of 12 slots. You can install SPCs in any of the slots numbered 0 though 5 on an SRX 5600 services gateway, and 0 though 5, 2/6 , and 7 though 11 on an SRX 5800 services gateway, top to bottom. The slots at the bottom of the card cage numbered 0 and 1 are reserved for SCBs.

SPCs install in the front of the device (see Figure 2).

If a slot is not occupied by a card, a blank panel must be installed to shield the empty slot and to allow cooling air to circulate properly through the device.

Figure 1 shows a typical SPC supported on the SRX 5800 and SRX 5600 services gateways.

Figure 1: Typical SPC

Image g030007.gif

Figure 2: SPCs Installed Horizontally in the SRX 5600 Services Gateway

Image g030235.gif

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