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JUNOS Software for SRX-series Features

Flow and Processing

Interfaces and Routing

Chassis Clustering

Note: In SRX-series services gateways, the offline, online, and restart commands are supported only on IOCs and are not supported on SPCs.




J-Web User Interface—A graphical user interface enables you to configure, monitor, troubleshoot, and manage the SRX-series devices through an Internet browser. The J-Web interface includes Quick Configuration pages to perform basic configuration of the devices and monitoring tools to view system health, routes, and statistics. The J-Web interface provides diagnostic tools (such as ping and traceroute) and file utilities to manage configuration files, licenses, and temporary files on the device. The J-Web interface also includes a Chassis View, which provides a graphical, dynamic view of the SRX-series of devices. For more information, see the J-Web Interface User Guide.

Management and Administration

Note: NSM-Aragorn (2008.1) supports Viking via forward support.

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