Hardware Features—AX411 Access Point

The AX411 Access Point provides network access for wireless clients such as laptop or desktop computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and any other device equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter. The AX411 Access Point supports the new IEEE 802.11n wireless networking standard with backward compatibility for IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards.

The AX411 Access Point is managed by an SRX210, SRX240, or SRX650 Services Gateway. You manage and configure access points from the SRX Series device through the Junos operating system (JUNOS OS) command-line interface (CLI), J-Web interface, and Network and Security Manager (NSM).

To deploy a wireless network with AX411 Access Points, you install one or more access points throughout your site and connect them to Ethernet ports on the services gateway. You can provide power to the access points using Power over Ethernet (PoE) by connecting them to SRX210, SRX240, or SRX650 Services Gateway ports that have PoE capability. You can also power the access points using either optional external power supplies or PoE adapters.

You can connect and use up to two AX411 Access Points to the SRX210, SRX240, and SRX650 Services Gateways without obtaining access point licenses. To connect and use additional access points, you must install one or more licenses on the services gateway. Each of these licenses specifies the number of access points that can be configured and managed in addition to the two that are automatically supported on the device:

You can install multiple licenses to increase the number of access points supported on the SRX Series device.

To configure the AX411 Access Point, use the [edit wlan] hierarchy.

[Junos OS WLAN Configuration and Administration Guide]