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    Installing the Patch for the NSM4000 License Key File

    This section describes the procedure for installing the patch for the NSM4000 license key file.

    The serial number of the NSM4000 appliance has a new format. In the 2012.2R7, 2012.2R8 and 2012.2R9 releases, you need to install a patch that enables NSM to identify the new format of the NSM4000 appliance serial number.

    Note: You need not install the licensing patch for NSM2012.2R10 and later versions because this issue is addressed in these releases.

    To install the patch for the NSM4000 license key file:

    1. At the console login prompt, enter the sudo su- command to log in to the appliance as a root user.
    2. Enter the admin password.
    3. Enter the /etc/init.d/guiSvr stop command to stop the GUI server.
    4. Enter the cp <Jar_file_name> /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/lib/classes/ command to copy the patch to /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/lib/classes/.
    5. Enter the chown nsm:nsm <Jar_file_name> command to change the patch ownership to NSM.
    6. Enter the vi /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/bin/.guiSvrLicenseManager command to add a patch entry to the .guiSvrLicenseManager file available at /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/bin.

      The console prompt displays the following output after the .guiSvrLicenseManager file has been modified:

      # Set up the JAVA CLASSPATH necessary to run this
      # application. Path is separated by colons (Unix).
      # CLASSPATH="$CLASS_DIR/<jar_file_name>:$CLASS_DIR/mail.jar:$CLASS_DIR/foxtrot.jar:

    7. Enter the /etc/init.d/guiSvr start command to start the GUI server.

    For additional details about NSM licensing, see the Network and Security Manager Installation Guide.

    Published: 2014-10-30