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    Example: Configuration of Interfaces for MPLS in the CLI and NSM

    With NSM you can manage most of the parameters that you can configure through the CLI. Although the configuration screens rendered in NSM look different, the top-level configuration elements essentially correspond to commands in the CLI. You can configure an M Series or MX Series device using the CLI, then import the configuration into NSM to create a template and apply it to multiple devices.

    The following figures show the same configuration displayed in the CLI and the NSM UI. Figure 1 shows the CLI configuration of MPLS at the [edit protocols mpls] hierarchy level, and Figure 2 shows the same configuration in the NSM UI.

    Figure 1 shows output for the show command in configuration mode. At this level, the show command typically displays the entire configuration for the device. For the purpose of this illustration, all parts of the configuration not relevant to our example were removed [...Output Truncated...]. The remaining output shows the protocols and MPLS hierarchy levels. Included at the hierarchy level are three interfaces, two Fast Ethernet interfaces (fe) and one Gigabit Ethernet interface (ge).

    Figure 1: MPLS Configuration in the CLI

    MPLS Configuration
in the CLI

    Figure 2 shows the NSM UI with the same information as in the CLI example. On the left, the Navigation tree is expanded at Protocols, and then further expanded at MPLS, similar to the CLI hierarchy levels. Within MPLS, Interface is highlighted, indicating that the information about the right relates to interfaces within MPLS. The information in the NSM UI example is similar to the information in the CLI example though the presentation is somewhat different.

    Figure 2: MPLS Configuration in NSM

    MPLS Configuration in NSM

    In addition, Figure 2 shows parts of the configuration tree that appear dim, indicating that those particular parameters are not supported for the M Series and MX Series devices.

    Published: 2013-01-02