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Virtual Router Configurations for Root and Vsys Overview


At the root level, you can configure a virtual router as shareable, enabling that VR to be used by all vsys. By default, the untrust-vr is shared. To unshare a VR, you must remove all assigned vsys from a shared VR.

At the vsys level, you can configure the virtual routers as described in Table 1.

Table 1: Virtual Router Configuration for Root and Vsys

Virtual Routers


Shared root-level virtual routers

By default, the root and vsys share the untrust-vr. However, you can configure a vsys to use any VR that is shared at the root-level.

Non-sharable vsys-level virtual router

This is a vsys-specific virtual router that, by default, maintains the routing table for the Trust-vsysname zone. By default, a vsys-level virtual router is named vsysname-vr (you can also customize the name to make it more meaningful). All vsys-level virtual routers are nonsharable.