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    Importing Devices Overview

    NSM can import device configurations from M Series and MX Series devices running Junos OS 9.3 or later.

    When importing from a device, the management system connects to the device and imports Data Model (DM) information that contains details of the device configuration. The connection is secured using Secure Server Protocol (SSP), a proprietary encryption method; an always-on connection exists between the management system and the device.

    For details about adding multiple devices at one time, see the Network and Security Manager Administration Guide.


    To import a single device, you must have available the following requirements:

    • A management interface (fxp0) with the IP address of the device
    • A user with full administrative privileges for the NSM administrator
    • Device connection information (IP address, connection method) and the device administrator's name and password

      Note: All passwords handled by NSM are case-sensitive.

    • A physical connection to your network with access to network resources
    • Connectivity to the NSM Device Server, which can be with a static IP address
    • A Telnet or an SSHv2, and a NETCONF protocol over SSH connection

    Note: After importing a device configuration, log entries from that device begin to appear in the Log Viewer. However, until you update the device from NSM, the following log fields display 0 (or unknown):

    • domain
    • rulebase
    • policy
    • rule number
    • source zone
    • destination zone

    After you update the imported device configuration using NSM, the appropriate values are displayed for log entries from the device.

    When you import a device configuration, the Log Viewer displays the appropriate values for the device's log entries. This feature eliminates the need to update the device after importing it.

    For more detailed information about adding and importing devices with static and dynamic IP addresses and verifying imported device configurations, see “Adding Devices” in the Network and Security Manager Administration Guide.

    Published: 2013-01-02