Limiting Login Attempts, Setting Dial-In Authentication, and Restricting Password Length in NSM Overview

This topic describes the information about how to limit login attempts, set dial-in authentication, and restrict password length and they are as follows:

Configuring Connection Attempts

To minimize unauthorized access, you can limit the number of unsuccessful login attempts allowed before the security device terminates a Telnet session. This restriction also protects against certain types of attacks, such as automated dictionary attacks.

By default, a security device allows up to three unsuccessful login attempts before it closes the Telnet session.

Configuring Modem Dial-In Authentication Timeout

You can set dial-in authentication timeout. You can even set the timeout as never time out for users who dialin.

Configuring Password Length Restriction

To prevent a root device administrator from using short passwords (which are easier to decode and discover), you can set the minimum length requirement for the root device administrator password to any number from 1 to 31.

However, to set this restriction, the current root device administrator password must meet the minimum length requirement you are attempting to set. If the current password is too short, NSM displays an error message.

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