Wireless Interface on ScreenOS Devices Overview

A wireless interface handles wireless traffic on a NetScreen-5GT Wireless security device that is configured as a wireless access point (WAP). Table 28 lists the wireless interfaces that are prebound to security zones.

Table 28: Wireless Interfaces Prebound to Security Zones




Trust or Work (binding depends on port mode)


DMZ or Home (binding depends on port mode)


Wzone2 (available only on the NetScreen-5GT Wireless security device with extended license key and extended port mode)

Each wireless interface must use a separate subnet from all other wireless and wired interfaces. To shutdown an interface, select the Shutdown Interface option in the General Properties tab for the interface.

To enable the wireless interface to handle wireless traffic, you must associate the interface with a service set identifier (SSID). The SSID links its basic service set (BSS) with the interface, which in turn is prebound to a security zone. Because there can be only one BSS per security zone, the rules you apply to that zone also apply to the BSS in that zone. For details on binding a wireless interface to an SSID, see Configuring Wireless General SSID Settings.

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