Verifying the Attack Object Database Version (NSM Procedure)


New attack objects are added to the attack object database server frequently; downloading these updates and installing them on your managed devices regularly ensures that your network is protected against the latest threats. As new attack objects are added to the attack object database server, the version number of the database increments by 1. When you download a version of the attack object database from the server, NSM stores the version number of that database.


Automatic Verification

The management system uses the database version number to detect and notify you when the stored attack object database on the GUI server is:

When NSM detects that the managed device contains an older attack object database version than the one stored on the GUI server, the UI displays a warning for that device, indicating that you should update the attack object database on the device.

Manual Verification

You can also check to see if the attack object database on the server is more recent than the one on the security device.

To check the attack object database version:

  1. From the Device Manager, select Security Updates > Check Attack Database Server Version. The Check Attack Database Server Version dialog box appears.
  2. Select the devices or group of devices to be checked.
  3. Click OK. The Job Information window displays the status of the version check.

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