Disabling the Dot1x Ports on an Enforcement Point Using the UAC Manager

To disable dot1x ports on an enforcement point:

  1. In the NSM navigation tree, select UAC Manager > Enforcement Point. The Enforcement Point workspace appears.
  2. Select the Ex-series switch on which the dot1x port needs to be disabled.
  3. Select the Dot1x Enabled Ports tab. The dot1x enabled ports on the enforcement point is displayed.
  4. Select the port on which dot1x needs to be disabled, and click the Delete Dot1x Port button. The Remove Dot1x on Selected ports dialog box appears with the list of ports to be deleted.
  5. Select Run “Update Device” task to push configuration changes on the enforcement point. The configuration status of the enforcement points changes to Managed, InSync. Ports on which 802.1X is disabled are removed from the enforcement point.
  6. Select the check box to run a Summarize Delta Config task that ensures the association between the enforcement point and the ports in the application database. The configuration status of these devices become Managed, NSM Changed.
  7. Click OK to disable the selected dot1x ports. The delta configuration that was pushed to the device is displayed.

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