NSM and Device Management Overview

NSM is the Juniper Networks network management tool that allows distributed administration of network appliances. You can use the NSM application to centralize status monitoring, logging, and reporting, and to administer Infranet Controller configurations.

With NSM you can manage the Infranet Enforcer and Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) devices, and you can administer the complete Unified Access Control (UAC) solution from a single management interface.

In addition, NSM lets you manage most of the parameters that you can configure through the Infranet Controller admin console. The configuration screens rendered through NSM are similar to the screens in the Infranet Controller admin console.

NSM incorporates a broad configuration management framework that allows co-management using other methods. To manage the Infranet Controller configuration, you can also use the XML files import and export feature, or you can manage from the Infranet Controller admin console.

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