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    M Series and MX Series Device Management with NSM

    Network and Security Manager (NSM) allows distributed administration of network devices. You can use NSM to centralize status monitoring, logging, and reporting, and to administer M Series and MX Series configurations.

    Configuration of Accounting Options

    Configuring Accounting Options (NSM Procedure)

    Configuration of Multicast Snooping Options

    Configuring Multicast Monitoring Options (NSM Procedure)

    Knowledge Base

    NSM Compatibility Matrix

    Does NSM support MAG devices?

    Troubleshooting JUNOS device connection to NSM

    [NSM] Preferences - Config Backup Settings

    How to add SRX Chassis Cluster into NSM

    How does NSM device license count work?

    How to prepare Junos device for NSM connectivity

    Sending logs to NSM from SRX devices

    [NSM] VPN and VPN Manager configuration information

    How to find DMI Schema version from NSM Cli

    JTAC Certified Guide to Troubleshooting DMI devices with NSM

    Cannot add device in NSM running JUNOS export version

    Export NSM logs to CSV file from the NSM CLI

    How to get a JunoS device to log to NSM

    JTAC Recommended NSM (Network & Security Manager) Software Versions

    Maxproc limit and high CPU issue with Junos and NSM management

    How to view DMI and NSM management related JUNOS device logs

    Using Confirmed Commit in NSM for Junos devices causes update failure

    How to include Junos devices in the NSM auto-import list

    How to perform offline NSM attack database update for Junos devices.

    Duplicate serial number error icon appears in NSM GUI when adding device

    NSM update to SRX device with new IDP policy fails with error

    How to see the JUNOS device XML configuration file sent to NSM

    [NSM] How to Change Junos Device Root password via NSM?

    How to prepare and add Junos device to NSM using NSM auto discovery

    JUNOS device does not connect back to NSM immediately, what can help ?

    NSM - How to reset NSM communications from the device side for Junos devices

    [NSM] How to manage Admin Password change on Junos devices via NSM templates

    Policies with same name cause "duplicate policy ID" errors on import to NSM

    Step-by-Step Resolution guides

    'backup-router' command configuration on Chassis Cluster

    JTAC Recommended Junos Software Versions

    [KB21113] - [SRX] Can't manage Chassis Cluster (High Availability)