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Processing of Device Change Notifications Overview


All the device change notifications are processed by the following EJB:

The method handleDeviceChange() is called passing a result of type DeviceChangeDiffResult, which provides the following parts of information:

  • Device ID—The ID of the device in the notification

  • Notification Meta Data—The type of update—whether the configuration has been modified out-of-band or using Connectivity Servcices Director.

  • DiffResults—A map containing the changed configuration from different configuration parameters on the CLI. The map contains the following keys:

    • Configuration

    • hardware-inventory

    • interface-inventory

    • software-inventory

    • license-inventory

    • system-information

    • logical-interface-inventory

    • configuration-version

  • Device ID—The ID of the device in the notification

  • Changed XPath List—The changed XPath list can be retrieved by querying getChangedXpathList() on result object.

For Service Recovery, Connectivity Services Director examines notifications that will match following criteria:

  • Type of update is OutOfBand.

  • DiffResults for “configuration” is not empty.

  • Changed XPath list is from the interested XPath list for services supported in Connectivity Services Director. For the Connectivity Services Director application, an interested XPath list is maintained. If the changed XPath list contains any XPath from the interested XPath list, the configuration difference is processed.

XPaths of Relevance to Connectivity Services Director

All the XPaths are not processed for service recovery. Instead, an interested or relevant XPath list is maintained for Connectivity Services Director. If the changed XPath list contains any of the following XPath attributes, the configuration differential-set is processed to determine the impacted service because of an update to service settings.

Processing of XPath Notifications for Out-of-Band Configuration Changes

A network managed by Connectivity Services Director has three repositories of information about the configuration of a network device—the configuration stored on the device itself, the device configuration record maintained by Junos Space, and the Build mode configuration maintained by Connectivity Services Director. When the configuration contained in all three repositories match, the device configuration state is shown as In Sync in Connectivity Services Director. When the repositories do not match, the configuration state is shown as Out of Sync. A common cause for this state is out-of-band configuration changes—that is, configuration changes made to a device outside of Connectivity Services Director.

When a device state is Out of Sync, you cannot deploy configuration changes on the device in Deploy mode. Use the Resynchronize Device Configuration task to resynchronize the three configuration repositories and change the device configuration state back to In Sync.

This section describes the different scenarios for out-of-band configuration change on the device and the approach to determine the service impacted by the change. Any XPath change list and configuration differences can belong to any of the following categories:

  • Change to the existing endpoint on the service

  • Missing or new endpoint on the service

  • Endpoint for the new service

  • Deleted endpoint for the existing service

The following list of attributes is used to identify neighbor service elements:

When serviceType is ServiceTypesEnum.ELINEMARTINI

When serviceType is ServiceTypesEnum.ELINEKOMPELLA

When serviceType is ServiceTypesEnum.VPLS

When serviceType is ServiceTypesEnum.L3VPN