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    Verifying MPLS Decapsulation


    You can use the IDP OS command-line interface to verify the IDP engine processes Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) frames.


    To verify MPLS traffic has been processed:

    1. Log into the CLI as admin and enter su - to switch to root.
    2. Enter the following command to display traffic counters:

      [root@defaulthost admin]# scio counter get kpp
      Name                            Value
      sc_kpp_bad_ip_header            0
      sc_kpp_ip_options               0
      sc_kpp_decapsulate              0
      sc_kpp_gre_decapsulate          0
      sc_kpp_ppp_decapsulate          0
      sc_kpp_gtp_decapsulate          0
      sc_kpp_gtp_flow                 0
      sc_kpp_tcpdecomp_uncompressed_i 0
      sc_kpp_tcpdecomp_compressed_ip  0
      sc_kpp_deferred_send            0
      sc_kpp_send_in_ip               0
      sc_kpp_ttl_error                0
      sc_kpp_routing_loop             0
      sc_kpp_stp_drop                 0
      sc_kpp_drop                     0
      sc_kpp_drop_session             0
      sc_kpp_no_route                 0
      sc_kpp_flood_ip                 0
      sc_kpp_push_eth_hdr_failed      0
      sc_kpp_busy_inc                 0
      sc_kpp_busy_dec                 0
      sc_kpp_xmit_not_ready           0
      sc_kpp_trylock_dev_failed       0
      sc_kpp_hard_start_xmit_failed   0
      sc_kpp_netif_queue_stopped      0
      sc_kpp_vlan_pskb_expand_head    0
      sc_kpp_packet_from_szp          0
      sc_kpp_packet_freed             6
      sc_kpp_packet_from_pool         6
      sc_kpp_packet_copied            0
      sc_kpp_mpls                     0
      sc_kpp_clone_stopped            0
      sc_kpp_clone                    0
      sc_kpp_jpkt_free                6
      sc_kpp_tx_hold                  0
      sc_kpp_fdrop                    0

      The sc_kpp_mpls counter indicates the number of MPLS frames processed.

    You can use Network and Security Manager (NSM) to filter and sort logs based on MPLS label. The MPLS label appears in the Details column, in the following format: label =nnnnn,mmmm. Figure 1 shows MPLS label information in logs.

    Figure 1: NSM Log Viewer: MPLS Label Information

    Image s036684.gif

    To display the NSM Log Viewer:

    1. Connect to NSM.
    2. In the NSM navigation tree, select Investigate > Log Viewer > IDP/DI.

    Published: 2011-02-08