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    Enabling Per-User Rate Limiting for User-Role-Based Rules

    If you implement user-role-based rules, you can apply rate limiting to all users who belongs to the specified role or to each user who belongs to the specified role. By default, rate limiting is applied to all users who belong to the specified role. You can change this setting with the command-line interface.

    To enable per-user rate limiting:

    1. Log into the CLI as admin and enter su - to switch to root.
    2. Enter the following command to show the current value:

      [root@defaulthost admin]# scio const -s s0 get sc_per_subscriber_ratelimit
      scio: sc_per_subscriber_ratelimit = 0x0

      0x0 indicates that per-subscriber rate limiting is disabled.

    3. Enter the corresponding set command to enable per-subscriber rate limiting:

      [root@defaulthost admin]# scio const -s s0 set sc_per_subscriber_ratelimit 1
      scio: setting sc_per_subscriber_ratelimit to 0x1

    Published: 2011-02-08