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    scio idp-cpu-utlization


    scio [-c idp-engine] idp-cpu-utilization


    For multicore platorms, displays CPU utilization of IDP engines. For single core platforms, use the Linux top command. For more information, see Viewing CPU Utilization.

    Note: Using scio idp-cpu-utilization can cause CPU usage to spike. We, therefore, recommend you use scio idp-cpu-utilization only for debugging.


    Table 1 describes scio idp-cpu-utilization options and arguments and provides examples of command syntax.

    Table 1: Command Reference: scio idp–cpu-utilization


    Usage and Example


    With no options, scio idp-cpu-utilization displays the CPU utilization of all IDP engines.

    [root@defaulthost admin]# scio idp-cpu-utilization
    Current actual cpu utilization: 0

    -c idp-engine

    Displays the CPU utilization for the specified IDP engine. The values for idp-engine are numbers. For IDP8200, the number is 0–5. For other platforms, number is 0.

    [root@defaulthost admin]# scio -c 0 idp-cpu-utilization
    Current actual cpu utilization: 0

    Published: 2011-05-05