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    Using Other Security Policy Templates

    NSM includes security policy templates you can use as the basis for a custom security policy tailored for your network. Template rules include a set of attack objects and logically associated IDP actions. If you choose to use these templates, we advise you to customize them for your deployment. At a minimum, you should change the destination IP setting from Any to the IP addresses for specific servers you want to protect.

    Table 1 describes IDP security policy templates.

    Table 1: IDP Security Policy Templates




    Includes all attack objects and enables packet logging for all rules. This policy is provided for lab use and is not recommended in production.


    Includes all attack objects but does not enable packet logging.


    Protects a typical DMZ environment.


    Protects DNS services.


    Protects file sharing services, such as SMB, NFS, FTP, and others.


    Contains very open rules. Useful in controlled lab environments, but should not be deployed on heavy traffic live networks.


    Contains a set of attack groups that balances security and performance.


    Protects HTTP servers from remote attacks.

    Note: All of the attack objects included in the predefined policies are client-to-server attacks.

    Published: 2011-02-08