Mixed Mode Overview

The following sections give an overview of a mixed mode deployment:


Figure 6 shows a network design where the eth2 and eth3 interface pair is deployed as a virtual router in the path of Network A servers. The eth5 interface is deployed as a sniffer interface to inspect traffic mirrored from Network B.

Figure 6: Mixed Deployment Mode

Image g036684.gif


In a mixed mode deployment, you deploy the IDP Series device in the network path just like a transparent mode deployment. The mixed mode feature allows you to configure an “extra” virtual interface as a sniffer mode interface and use it to sniff traffic that traverses a different network segment.


Be sure your deployment does not cause the IDP Series to examine the same network segment twice.

Configuration Overview

You use the Appliance Configuration Manager (ACM) to configure interface settings for each pair of interfaces. In ACM, a pair of interfaces is referred to as a virtual router. In a mixed mode deployment, you use ACM to designate that one or more pairs are deployed in transparent mode and one or more pairs in sniffer mode.

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