You can download user documentation from the Juniper Networks Web site:

Table 6 lists related IDP Series documentation.



IDP Detector Engine release notes

Provides information about IDP Detector Engine releases, including new features, changed features, fixed problems, and known issues.

J-Security Center Attack Signatures

Lists predefined attack signatures developed by J-Security Center.

J-Security Center Application Signatures

Lists predefined application signatures developed by J-Security Center.

IDP Series installation guides

Describes IDP Series hardware and provides instructions for installing, configuring, updating, and servicing the device.

IDP Series Feature Documentation

A collection of topics from the IDP Series Administration Guide and IDP Series Concepts and Examples Guide, in HTML.

IDP Series Administration Guide

Provides procedures for completing IDP Series administration tasks with the Network and Security Manager (NSM) central management program; with the IDP Series device Appliance Configuration Manager (ACM); and with the IDP Series device command-line interface (CLI).

IDP Series Concepts and Examples Guide

Explains IDP Series features and provides examples of how to use the system.

IDP Series Custom Attack Objects Reference and Examples Guide

Provides examples and reference information for creating custom attack objects.

IDP Reporter User’s Guide

Describes how to use IDP Reporter, an on-box reporting platform that includes predefined reports on attack detection and application usage. You can also use IDP Reporter to schedule regular publication of reports that are of interest to you or your stakeholders.

Table 6 lists related NSM documentation.



Network and Security Manager release notes

Provides information about new features, changed features, fixed problems, and known issues with the NSM release.

Network and Security Manager Installation Guide

Describes how to install the NSM management system on a single server or on separate servers. It also includes information on how to install and run the NSM user interface. This guide is intended for IT administrators responsible for the installation and/or upgrade to NSM.

Network and Security Manager Configuring Intrusion Detection and Prevention Devices Guide

Describes how to configure and manage IDP Series devices using NSM. This guide also helps in understanding of how to configure basic and advanced NSM functionality, including adding new devices, deploying new device configurations, updating device firmware, viewing log information, and monitoring the status of IDP Series devices.

Network and Security Manager Administration Guide

Describes how to use and configure key management features in the NSM. It provides conceptual information, suggested workflows, and examples where applicable. This guide is best used in conjunction with the NSM Online Help, which provides step-by-step instructions for performing management tasks in the NSM UI.

This guide is intended for application administrators or those individuals responsible for owning the server and security infrastructure and configuring the product for multi-user systems. It is also intended for device configuration administrators, firewall and VPN administrators, and network security operation center administrators.

Network and Security Manager Online Help

Provides task-oriented procedures describing how to perform basic tasks in the NSM user interface. It also includes a brief overview of the NSM system and a description of the GUI elements.