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Day One Books Archive


The following Day One Books are outdated, soon to be out of print, and no longer support by Juniper Networks. This archive is provided as a courtesy to customers using earlier versions of our software. Use them at your own risk.

Understanding OpenContrail Architecture  

This reprint from provides an overview of OpenContrail, the Juniper technology that sits at the intersection of networking and open source orchestration projects. The book will help network engineers understand how to leverage emerging SDN technologies, and help developers to begin to create flexible network applications.

vMX Up and Running  

Get the vMX up and running in your lab on Ubuntu’s Linux. Then build a sample topology and learn how to scale it. It’s fast and it’s easy with the vMX.

Navigating the Junos XML Hierarchy  

This book provides a clear and concise understanding of the XML hierarchy with many examples that help lay a solid foundation about the basics of XML, it’s hierarchy, and mechanics. It will expand your thinking about what Junos automation can do for you and how to efficiently apply it in your own organization.

Mastering Junos Automation Programming

This book provides all the information you need to quickly harness the power of Junos scripting and automation. It teaches the reader SLAX, a friendlier, more concise alternative to XSLT, through clear instruction, countless example scripts, and helpful comparisons to other common programming languages and concepts. All the while the authors provide best practices and valuable tips for overcoming common obstacles when scripting with SLAX.

Junos Automation Reference for SLAX 1.0  

This book covers writing SLAX scripts specifically for the Junos operating system. The SLAX language can be used to perform generic XML transformations in other operation systems as well, but the capabilities and caveats discussed in this book are based on the assumption that the SLAX script is being processed as a Junos on-box script and may not apply in those other situations.

Applying Junos Automation

As you work with the Junos® operating system, you will build a knowledge reservoir of best practices and lessons learned, a body of intelligence that can be available 24x7 to help your network run optimally. Junos automation allows you to automate your accumulated intelligence through scripts which automatically control Junos devices according to your desired best practices. This book demonstrates how to implement this inherent potential in the Junos operating system.