Transform Your Enterprise Campus Network with Juniper Unite for the Cloud Enabled Enterprise

Enterprise networks gain scalability, security, and flexibility.

As businesses move to the cloud to solve their data management and access problems, they see a critical need for solutions that can help them bridge the gap between their existing environment and their vision of a more agile and flexible network.

In today’s enterprise campus, the majority of networks are manual systems comprising layers of switches, VLANs, and security products, each adding operational complexity. Because these layers must be administered manually, they introduce the potential for human errors that can disrupt services and open security gaps.

These challenges are prompting a growing number of enterprises to adopt cloud technologies as their primary operating model. With the right tools and platforms, enterprises can transform their enterprise campus network into a critical on-ramp to cloud-based applications that are deployed in private clouds and on-premises data centers or hosted in remote locations.

Cloud-Enable the Enterprise Campus

Enter Juniper Unite - a simple and secure cloud-enabled network infrastructure that supports a diverse set of devices, applications, people, and things.

Juniper Unite dynamically provides network infrastructure to support any business imperative while improving your employees’ business productivity securely, wherever they are.

  • Simplified infrastructure that is scalable and resilient to keep up with the demands of users and cloud applications. Combined with a management interface that provides zero-touch provisioning and visibility into network operations, these elements lower the costs associated with today’s brittle and complex enterprise networks.
  • Comprehensive enterprise security that provides visibility into the network and the ability to defend against threats in real time via a multitude of sensors and third-party feeds.
  • Open Convergence Framework with APIs that integrate with best-of-breed technology such as WLAN and unified communications or security feeds. The APIs also offer automation and orchestration capabilities for the future.

Juniper Unite delivers service capabilities for enterprise IT departments, with innovation derived from building the world’s largest cloud-based networks and tailoring it to the enterprise.

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Design and deploy campus network that’s simple, secure and open.


Create a secure cloud-enabled enterprise, and a more agile business.


A cloud-enabled enterprise for today. A competitive advantage for the future.


How we put it together


High-performance EX Series Ethernet switches form the foundation of our distributed enterprise solution. Junos® Fusion Enterprise adds the ability to manage the enterprise campus as a single logical switch. Learn More


Juniper keeps the cloud-enabled enterprise free from existing and emerging threats, with scalable security solutions that include threat defense (intelligence and prevention), unified threat management (UTM), next-generation firewall, and dynamic intelligence services. Learn More

Open Convergence Framework

The cloud-enabled enterprise integrates partner offerings for WLAN, UCC, and network access control (NAC) vendors for seamless integration of third-party technologies, enabling IT organizations to create custom, best-of-breed networks. Learn More

Case Study

Case Study

Nikhef builds high-performance core network for research institutes using Virtual Chassis technology in Juniper EX Series Ethernet Switches. Read more.