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We’re in an age of personalization. No two people are alike, and yet the network remains one-size-fits-all with limited and inflexible choices. Consumers and business professionals want customizable, on-demand services and they’re willing to pay for the privilege. Service Providers have become fundamental to the fabric of modern life. Customization gives them a great opportunity to increase relevance with their end customers and enhance financial results.

However, the deluge of data driven by video, mobility, cloud computing and the Internet of Things is accelerating demand on the network and making it difficult for service providers to turn a profit. The status quo is no longer viable. For years, many have focused solely on CAPEX and OPEX reduction utilizing traditional solutions to meet the bottom line. The end result? Declining average revenue per user and escalating network costs. What service providers really need is an agile platform to generate new revenue while optimizing the network. In effect, an efficient service creation platform.

To become a service creation platform that empowers end users and delivers customized experiences, service providers must create an agile, high-IQ infrastructure that’s simple to manage, efficient and programmable. Our solutions allow operators to:

AUTOMATE – network operations using Junos, SDN and NFV to speed the time to market of new apps and services and reduce costs.

SCALE – network performance multi-dimensionally while driving greater efficiency using high-performance silicon together with SDN.

CREATE – revenue-generating customized services rapidly by leveraging the most flexible, open, multi-domain NFV/SDN solution available today.

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