QOS-Enabled Networks, Second Edition

Authors: Miguel Barreiros, Peter Lundqvist, with a foreword by Jeff Doyle
Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, UK
ISBN: 978-1-119-10910-5
Price: $90 US / £56.50 UK

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Advanced Praise(s)

“This book addresses the real world scenarios faced by many Telco’s across the globe. A great resource in the designers tool kit.”

Phill Magill, Head of Network Innovation at Talk Talk Group

About this Book

This new Second Edition of QoS Enabled Networks gives special attention to the realm of data centers, by providing a lucid understanding of modern QoS theory mechanisms in packet networks and focusing on the tools and foundations in order to understand what can be built on top of it. The updated Second Edition now includes data center issues and cloud computing specifics, as well as a new chapter on QoS in the data center.

About the Author(s)

Miguel Barreiros is the Data Center Practice Lead at Juniper Networks responsible for the EMEA region. Previously he was a Senior Solutions Consultant focused on both Data Centers and IP/MPLS networks Since he joined Juniper Networks in 2006 he has been focused in the creation and development of solutions, and involved in projects that span all stages of building and expanding networks, from design and testing through implementation and ongoing maintenance. He began his networking career in 2000, when as a hobby he was network administrator for a British multiplayer gaming website that hosted network servers for various video games. Miguel has a B.Sc. degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico. He holds Juniper Networks Certificate Internet Expert (JNCIE) 193 and is a Juniper Networks Certified Instructor.

Peter Lundqvist works in system engineering at Arista Networks since May 2014. Prior to this, he was a senior Beta Engineer at Juniper Networks, supporting the field test and rollout of new features and solutions before they are public available. He has been responsible for the testing of several of the newly deployed QOS features. Before working in the Engineering department, Peter worked as professional services engineer, in network design and implementation of large-scale networks, several of them including QOS features. Peter worked for more than 13 years at Juniper Networks, prior to which he worked in Cisco Systems as Consulting Engineer.