Deploying Next Generation Multicast-enabled Applications

Authors: Vinod Joseph and Srinivas Mulugu
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology
ISBN: 978-0-12-384923-6
Paperback: 560 pages
Price: $69.95 US

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About this Book

The growth, scale, and prominence of video applications over the years have placed emphasis on the most scalable and efficient way to deliver multi-play content (voice, video and data) to the end user. Multicast is the most effective and efficient carrier of video applications from a network standpoint. Financial organizations deploy large-scale multicast infrastructures to enable trading and e-commerce. The introduction of 4G and beyond makes this technology even more indispensible since mobile operators need an efficient mechanism to deliver repetitive content to many a handset, and multicast is the answer. This is the first book to distill information on this topic from disparate sources. It is written by one of the early implementers, and is the go-to reference for deploying the Next Generation model. This book proves a real benefit to networking professionals from service providers, enterprises, the vendor community, and anyone else who wants to understand this fast emerging and popular scheme of deployment from a vendor-neutral standpoint.

Key Features

  • Contextualized case illustrating deployment of Next Generation Multicast technology
  • Provides the background necessary to understand current generation multi-play applications and their service requirements
  • Includes practical tips on various migration options available for moving to the Next Generation framework from the legacy

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of IP
Chapter 2: Draft Rosen-based Multicast VPNs
Chapter 3: Next Generation Multicast VPNs
Chapter 4: Internet Multicast and Multicast VPN based on MLDP In-Band Signalling
Chapter 5: Understanding Multicast Applications and Service Requirements
Chapter 6: Applications: IPTV
Chapter 7: Virtual Private LAN Services aka VPLS
Chapter 8: Mobile Video Multicast
Chapter 9: Summary

About the Author(s)

Vinod Joseph works with Juniper Network as a Technical Leader within the Juniper Professional Services Organization. He is based in the UK and works with large Service Providers and customers with focus on the key areas of Network transformation, Multicast, QoS, Carrier Ethernet, Vendor Interoperability and Next Generation services. Prior to joining Juniper, Vinod worked as a Senior Network Consulting Engineer within Cisco’s World Wide Service Provider organization providing architectural design and service support to customers in the Asia Pacific and EMEA markets. This responsibility includes the planning and design of large network architectures, together with guiding deployment and providing operational advice. He has over 16 years of experience in IP networking, and built some of the largest IP/MPLS carrier networks in the EMEA, APAC, and America markets.