Day One: Advanced OSPF in the Enterprise

As your network grows, as your business takes on new employees, as more and more services are shared within your network environment, and as all the other forces at work in today’s networking environment come into play, OSPF’s ability to scale is key to the success of your enterprise environment.

As one of the most widely used routing protocols, OSPF has many advantages over other IGPs (Interior Gateway Protocols), with its ability to scale in a manageable way being one of the most important. OSPF also has the advantage of converging much faster than other enterprise level IGPs, such as EIGRP or RIP. This book shows you how to avoid common pitfalls when applying OSPF in Junos devices in an enterprise environment and how to make your network ready for future growth and expansion.

It’s day one and you have a job to do, learn how to

  • Configure and verify the use of areas within a Junos network.
  • Use, configure, and verify the use of various types of stub areas within a Junos network.
  • Connect multiple homogeneous OSPF domains within a network and verify that the network is operational.
  • Configure and verify OSPF route redistribution within an enterprise network.
  • Use and configure OSPF virtual links within the network.

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About the Author(s)

Timothy Beaumont is a Senior Consulting Engineer with Juniper Networks. He has been with Juniper for over six years working with large enterprise customers.

Author Q & A

What got you started on this book?

The amount of questions I get in the field on how to configure OSPF.

Who is this book for?

Anyone who is looking at deploying a large OSPF network for their enterprise organization with Juniper routers.

After reading this book, what’s the take away?

Ability to tackle most OSPF deployments using Juniper routers.

What are you hoping that people will learn from this book?

A good understanding of how Juniper Networks routers are deployed in a large OSPF routed network.

What do you recommend as the next item to read after this book?

A BGP Day One book geared for the enterprise. That is usually the next step of most enterprise networks.

What’s your inspiration?

Working with large enterprise customers and their routed networks.

What’s your favorite bit/part in the book?

Re-distribution, I learned a lot from that section.