Day One: Junos PyEZ Cookbook

Automate your network tasks with these Junos PyEZ scripts that save time, energy, and effort. This Day One book is a complete network automation cookbook with a set-up guide, a start-up sandbox, and a complete showcase of automation scripts that are readily available on GitHub. The cookbook is a joint effort by both Juniper engineers and all the many Junos users and customers who want to show you how ‘EZ’ network automation can be. You don’t have to be a coder to take advantage of Junos and PyEZ.

Publication Praise

“The decision to read a technical book involves a cost-benefit analysis. ‘Is the information I’m going to learn worth my time and energy?’ If you’re currently operating a network of Juniper devices using the Junos OS command line interface, then the unequivocal answer is ‘Yes!’ Written by an experienced team of Juniper’s customers, ambassadors, partners, and employees, Day One: Junos PyEZ Cookbook demonstrates its authors’ real-world experience in operating and automating networks. More importantly, the book breaks what could be daunting tasks into small and relevant recipes. You will be creating useful network automation tools with the Junos PyEZ library on day one. Happy Automating!”

— Stacy Smith, Sr. Software Developer for Junos Automation, Juniper Networks, Co-Author of Automating Junos Administration


  • Understand Basic Python Concepts; Get the Downloads and Resources to Set Up Your Lab

  • Automate NETCONF Service Activation

  • Learn Terminal Server Mapping

  • Check File System Directory Usage on Multiple Devices in Parallel

  • Configure Devices using Junos PyEZ and Jinja2 Templates

  • Take a Snapshot on ACXs Access Routers

  • Extract Operational Data from Devices Running on a Bridge Domain Environment

  • Reserve Bandwidth for MPLS Access Rings

  • Add a Graphical Interface to the PyEZ Script

  • Monitor IPSEC Tunnels

  • Work with Junos Enhanced Auto-provision Process (JEAP)

  • Code PyEZ for On-box Scripts

  • Automate Network Testing with Junos PyEZ

  • Create a Menu Script for Address Book Editing

  • Provision L3VPN Services on PE Routers

  • Identify and Disable Unused Interfaces with Ansible

  • Track Down IP Conflicts with PyEZ

  • Code a Configuration Audit Using XML Schema (XSD)

Sample Pages

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About the Authors

Peter Klimai currently works as an instructor and content developer at Poplar Systems, a Juniper Networks Authorized Education Partner. He is a Juniper Ambassador and certified JNCIE-SEC #98, JNCIE-ENT #393, JNCIE-SP #2253, JNCIP-DC, and JNCIS-SDNA. Peter is enthusiastic about network automation using various tools, as well as software-defined networking and network function virtualization. Peter’s past includes several years of experience supporting Juniper equipment for multiple customers of varying sizes, as well as writing a PhD thesis in cosmology.

Matt Mellin currently works at Juniper Networks as a data analyst and domain expert within the CTO office’s Data Analytics Group. His group applies machine learning to various network-related issues. His past includes several years as technical lead for Juniper’s Proof-of-Concept (POC) lab in Sunnyvale, and (stretching even further back) as a sales engineer at NetScreen. Matt is enjoying the transition from network engineer to software developer and is enthusiastic about things like big data, cloud native network design, application security, network automation, and dev ops.

Michel Tepper has been a Juniper consultant and instructor for the last ten years of his 30+ years career. He teaches at Westcon in the Netherlands and holds a number Juniper certifications. He started his career as a programmer, and now that networking is moving towards SDN is enjoying the benefits from those years. Michel has also been a Juniper Ambassador for several years, calling the Ambassadors “the nicest peer group in the IT industry.”

Jac Backus is a network engineer at BugWorks, a Juniper partner. He has worked for over 30 years in the IT industry and has several years of experience installing and supporting Juniper equipment. He is always eager to learn more about networking, virtualization, and automation, and is also interested in computer and network security.

Ivan Del Rio Fernandez currently works as an IP Engineer at DQE Communications administering ISP-related functions such as routing and switching using Juniper equipment. He is JNCIA and RHCE certified. Before his venture in networking he was a Linux System Administrator in Europe for four years. Ivan is passionate about networking, Linux, scripting languages, and optimizing efficiency through automation. In his spare time, he enjoys flying drones and working on open-source robotics projects.

Paul McGinn is an IP Engineer with DQE Communications in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. When Paul isn’t chasing kids around a soccer field, he is working on customer service design, network monitoring and automation, while leading the DQE implementation team. He has seen the benefits that SDN brings to network environments and is excited for what the future holds.

Scott Ware currently works as a Senior Security Engineer for a large retailer. He is a Juniper Ambassador and certified GSEC, JNCIS-SEC, and JNCDA. Scott has been a fan of automation for most of his career, contributing multiple open-source packages and tools to the community, written in various languages.

Michelle Zhang currently works at Juniper Networks as a Systems Engineer Specialist with focus on automation. She is a bright new college grad who is passionate about network automation with scripting as well as non-scripting tools, and a big fan of Cloud and Big Data.

Diogo Montagner is a consulting engineer in the Center of Excellence within Juniper Networks APAC, focused on automation and software solutions. He holds JNCIE-SP #1050 and PMP certifications, as well as a 2nd Dan black belt in Taekwondo. Diogo is a network enthusiast who helps customers to design, build, automate, and operate their networks.

Steve Steiner currently works as an automation solutions consultant and DevOps engineer at Juniper Networks and is a certified JNCIE-SP #323. Steve is a veteran Tech Controller of the US Air Force and has been in networking since before the Internet was the Internet. When he’s not working, he enjoys music, movies, caffeine, and driving in his Jeep with the top off.

Ben Dale is a Network Engineering Manager at Comlinx, a Juniper Elite Partner based in Brisbane, Australia. He is a Juniper Ambassador, and certified JNCIE-SEC #63, JNCIP-SP, JNCIP-ENT, JNCP-DC. Ben is passionate about using network automation to solve day-to-day operational issues. When Ben isn’t neck deep in networking, he enjoys playing the ukulele (badly) and skateboarding with his daughters.

Sean Sawtell has been with Juniper Networks since 2002, and has been a Network Engineer with Juniper’s internal network team since 2004. Sean’s focus today is on network automation. In 2014 Sean earned a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, and subsequently was an adjunct professor for two years teaching the CS curriculum. Before joining Juniper, Sean taught Microsoft and Novell courses and held MCSE, MCI, CNE, and CNI certifications.

Jessica Garrison currently works as a Technical Marketing Engineer at Juniper Networks. Since completing a master’s degree in electrical engineering, she has accumulated over a decade of networking experience within tech support, consulting, sales, and technical marketing. Jessica enjoys evangelizing the culture and methodology of network automation and occasionally gets her hands dirty with some good-enough coding. She used to enjoy hiking, biking, and cooking before expanding her family to include a daughter and two large dogs.