Day One Books

Junos Automation

These Day One books help you to begin using the powerful Junos OS tools for automating the methods and procedures of your network with step-by-step instructions and lots of examples. The Junos Automation Series includes:

  • Day One: Junos PyEZ Cookbook

    The new Day One: Junos PyEZ Cookbook is a complete network automation cookbook with a set-up guide, a start-up sandbox, and a complete showcase of automation scripts that are readily available on GitHub. You don’t have to be a coder to take advantage of Junos and PyEZ. Start using PyEZ today.Learn more

  • Day One: Enabling Automated Network Verifications with JSNAPy

    What happens when you combine JSNAP and Python? You get JSNAPy, a powerful network verification tool that can automate your data collection and verification tasks.Learn more

  • Get the vMX up and running in your lab on Ubuntu’s Linux. Then build a sample topology and learn how to scale it. This Day One book provides a detailed walkthrough of the vMX equipping you with a foundation to start building your own networks and labs. It’s fast and it’s easy with the vMX.Learn more

  • Building High-IQ Networks means automating your network administration. Start scripting with JSNAP and verify your network’s cutovers in minutes instead of hours.Learn more

  • This reference guide provides descriptions and examples of all of the basic components of the SLAX language including its statements, operators, functions, elements, templates, and default parameters.Learn more

  • Previously published as three separate Day One guides, This Week: Applying Junos Automation now combines Junos operation, event, and configuration automation techniques into a single, comprehensive volume.Learn more

  • Written from the perspective of a “classical” script programmer, this teaches you about the specific tasks and functions of the Junos automation development environment. Spend a week with this book and you’ll be able to write, deploy, and debug Junos automation scripts.Learn more

  • Find out about a powerful and comprehensive toolset for interacting with and directing the Junos processes.Learn more