Day One: Junos for IOS Engineers

When it’s time to swap out your Cisco routers with new Juniper Networks devices, use this book to expand your skill set to include Junos, and make the transition to an advanced operating system with speed and confidence. Day One: Junos for IOS Engineers addresses the needs of the IOS-trained engineer by providing a side-by-side comparison of configurations and techniques in both IOS and Junos. In a few quick steps you can compare what you did yesterday with IOS to what you can do today with Junos.

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About the Author(s)

Chris Jones is a Network Engineer, certified with Juniper as JNCIE-ENT #272, and with Cisco Systems as CCIE #25655 (R&S). Chris has more than eight years of industry experience with both Cisco and Juniper products and solutions.

Author Q & A

What got you started on this book?

I wanted to write something for those who are just getting into Junos.

I know the demand for Junos materials is very high, and I felt my book would be able to fill the void.

Who is this book for?

This book is for engineers who are familiar with Cisco IOS, who want to learn more about Junos. The book isn’t aimed at an absolute networking beginner, but instead at those who already have a solid foundation but are only now discovering Junos.

After reading this book, what’s the take away?

An understanding of the logical way in which Junos is configured, and a comparison to familiar IOS commands. The key take away is the ability to begin thinking in a whole new way. It seems most network operating systems resemble Cisco IOS, but Juniper has gone in a new direction, which can require a new thought process while configuring. The goal is for the reader to understand why Junos is the worlds leading network operating system.

What are you hoping that people will learn from this book?

I’m hoping that the engineers who read this Day One book will learn and understand how simple Junos can be.

What do you recommend as the next item to read after this book?

I would recommend Junos Enterprise Routing 2nd Edition, as well as the rest of the Day One library.

What’s your inspiration?

My inspiration is turning people on to Junos. I love seeing that “lightbulb” moment when an engineer suddenly realizes how amazing Junos can be.

What’s your favorite bit/part in the book?

My favorite part of the book is the final chapter, where a complete network is built out using the foundational topics learned earlier. It works to bring everything together, so an engineer can visualize the complete picture.