Day One: vMX Up and Running

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About the Author(s)

Matt Dinham is an independent consulting Network Engineer/Architect based in the UK, and a Juniper Ambassador. Matt has over 15 years experience working within Enterprise and Service Provider environments (public & private sector), and is certified CCIE #16387 (R&S, SP). Find Matt on Twitter: @mattdinham.

Author Q & A

What got you started on this book?

I’d been following the development of vMX for a while. After release I had an opportunity to deploy vMX in production at the DC edge, and had already been using vMX for my own lab purposes. There seemed to be a lot of community interest in vMX, particularly running it on KVM, so I thought it would be good to share my experiences on the build and operation of vMX and also how it can be used for lab purposes.

Who is this book for?

It’s for network engineers or architects who are interested in learning more about vMX, and KVM in general. The reader might be thinking about how to deploy vMX in a production environment, or how to build and scale a lab or simulation, without access to physical routers. Engineers new to Junos or studying for a certification will be able to learn by building vMX and playing with the labs, which can easily be scaled further to simulate large a Service Provider network.

After reading this book, what’s the take away?

To be confident enough to deploy the vMX for in-lab or production networks, and also to be happy working with KVM as a hypervisor.

What are you hoping that people will learn from this book?

vMX is a great platform with many use cases, and really it is not all that difficult to deploy and scale.

What do you recommend as the next item to read after this book?

Check out the other Day One guides from Juniper and have fun deploying the technologies on vMX.

What’s your inspiration?

I love learning about new technologies, and sharing that knowledge. The feedback I’ve received on some of my blog posts inspired me to write this Day One book, particularly as I’ve enjoyed reading the other Day One books myself and they are a great resource for the community.

What’s your favorite bit/part in the book?

I think the whole book is a fun way to learn about Junos, vMX and KVM, but my favorite chapter is the last one, where the topology is scaled out. Lots more can be achieved with the topology – the limit is only your imagination!