Juniper Networks Books

Juniper Books are authored, edited, and technically reviewed by Juniper Networks subject matter experts. The technical publishing program is divided into books published by reputable book publishers such as O’Reilly Media, and the Day One library of books and posters published by Juniper Networks.

Where to Get Juniper Books

Books published by book publishers are available at bookstores or direct from the publisher (for example, Day One books and posters are available as free PDFs, or as eBooks on iTunes and Amazon. Printed Day One books and posters, including the Juniper BookDrop program, are available for sale at the Day One Print Store

New and Noteworthy
  • Day One: SRX Series Up and Running with Advanced Security Services

    Use the J-Web graphic interface to set up the SRX Series as a next-generation firewall and take advantage of its security features, including advanced machine-learning malware prevention capabilities. Whether you know the Junos OS or not, get up and running quickly and securely.

  • Day One: Automating Junos® with Ansible

    It’s time for a Day One book that shows you how to set up an Ansible environment that can manage hundreds of Junos networking devices and accomplish realistic network management tasks. Day One: Automating Junos with Ansible is the newest book on network automation for network engineers.

  • Day One: Migrating from Cisco to Juniper Networks

    Prepare for the future by replacing your aging Cisco devices with state of-the-art Juniper hardware and double your productivity with this two-book migration guide for the SRX and EX Series.

  • Day One: Junos Fusion Data Center Up and Running

    Everything you need to know to deploy Junos Fusion Data Center: how to architect, manage, and operate it, and how it compares to other fabric technologies. Bridge the gap between theory and production networks today. It’s day one and you have a data center to build.

  • Day One: Junos PyEZ Cookbook

    The new Day One: Junos PyEZ Cookbook is a complete network automation cookbook with a set-up guide, a start-up sandbox, and a complete showcase of automation scripts that are readily available on GitHub. You don’t have to be a coder to take advantage of Junos and PyEZ. Start using PyEZ today.

  • Day One: EX Series Up and Running

    Deploy your Juniper Networks® EX Series Ethernet Switch with all the new ELS capabilities! This Day One will get you up and running in no time with hundreds of configuration examples, tips, and links. “Feature-packed with information and references for network engineers of all levels.”

  • This Week: Data Center Deployment with EVPN/VXLAN

    The much anticipated data center EVPN book, complete with five different case studies for building and connecting your data centers, dozens upon dozens of engineering diagrams, and the complete configurations to make it all work. It’s all here.

Juniper BookDrop
Juniper Book Drop

Purchase printed copies of the Day One library and get a book display rack for your workgroup or operations center. Choose from a pre-selected bundle, or customize your book library. Visit the official printer and supplier of Day One books,, for more details about purchasing the BookDrop.