AppFormix for Kubernetes and Containers

Juniper Networks AppFormix enables cloud operators to get back in the driver's seat when it comes to their Kubernetes cloud infrastructures.

Enterprise IT has been complicating the task of optimizing infrastructure performance because of the following critical shifts:

  • Cloud-native applications: Applications are being transitioned from legacy environments with relatively static workloads to dynamic, scalable cloud environments. The shift is being accompanied by an expectation that cloud and container environments will deliver enhanced agility and improved ROI. This situation significantly increases the need for infrastructure transparency and real-time monitoring and analytics.

  • DevOps: Enterprises are transitioning from IT silos to dynamic environments, forming collaborative cloud teams to speed time to market of enterprise applications. This cultural transition demands a new set of tools that promotes collaboration, offers real-time data analysis, and enables self-service infrastructure management.

The AppFormix cloud service optimization platform intelligently manages and optimizes Kubernetes services and containers by installing a lightweight smart agent on each compute node. Paired with the Kubernetes adapter, AppFormix works on any Kubernetes platform that is installed on public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP); hybrid clouds; and private clouds, such as OpenStack. AppFormix enables cloud operators to manage, analyze, and optimize the Kubernetes environment in real-time.

AppFormix enables state-driven automation using analytics, capacity planning, and orchestration tooling. It uses inbuilt cross-layer monitoring software to deliver awareness of the entire enterprise cloud stack.