AppFormix for Modern Hybrid Clouds

Juniper Networks AppFormix lets cloud operators build hybrid clouds that scale in real-time and provide a self-service IT experience for developers and app users.

With rapid advancements in application development concepts such as DevOps and cloud-native computing, enterprises are adopting hybrid clouds to streamline operations and accelerate application deployment velocity. AppFormix helps deliver autonomous hybrid clouds on-demand to both operators and developers that are elastic, flexible, and automated.

The AppFormix cloud service optimization platform specifically addresses modern, dynamic environments. It runs all popular public, private, and hybrid clouds for a diversity of application types, including cloud-native apps powered by Docker and Kubernetes. Using adapters built for public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and for private clouds using OpenStack and Kubernetes, AppFormix enables cloud operators to manage, analyze, and optimize the cloud in real-time.

AppFormix applies telemetry and machine learning to deliver a hybrid cloud that is predictable, reliable, and responsive to the needs of applications.