Juniper Acquires AppFormix

Acquisition bolsters Juniper’s cloud portfolio with machine learning and telemetry technology.

With our acquisition of AppFormix, Juniper customers gain the power of analytics through machine learning and telemetry. AppFormix’s platform for cloud operations is built on big-data analytics and machine learning, putting self-driving infrastructure at the core of every cloud.

Applying machine learning technology, AppFormix is redefining telemetry and operations management across software-defined infrastructures and application software layers. AppFormix’s technology is designed to provide real-time and historic monitoring, visibility, and dynamic performance optimization for public, private, and telco cloud operators in both OpenStack and Kubernetes environments.

When paired with Juniper’s Contrail product line, AppFormix improves cloud orchestration, security, accounting, and planning. Juniper customers gain a smarter, automatic, and agile operational experience at lower total costs.

The AppFormix team now reports to Juniper’s office of the CTO. The acquisition closed in the fourth quarter of 2016.

As the world moves to the cloud, Juniper continues to lead the industry in developing network infrastructure to power this transformation.