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Configuring the Number of Active Ports on vMX

You can specify the number of active ports for vMX. The default number of ports is 10, but you can specify any value in the range of 1 through 23 (for KVM deployments). You can change this number if you want to limit the number of Ethernet interfaces in the VCP VM to match the number of NICs added to the VFP VM.


The actual number of ports depends on the hypervisor where vMX is deployed.


For KVM deployments, vMX VM supports up to 23 ports for configurations running in performance mode and, if you are running virtio interfaces in lite mode, you can use up to 96 interfaces. For more information please refer the “Configuring Interfaces” section in Deploying and Managing vMX.

For VMWare ESXi (up to 6.7 or later versions), the maximum number of virtual NICs supported is 10 for each virtual machine. (See VMware Configuration Maximums).

When you set up more than 10 ports on a vMX instance running on VMware ESXi, even though the system accepts the configuration, only 10 of those ports are actually usable in the vMX instance.

You can specify the number of active ports at the PIC-level by using the following configuration statement: